The Atlantic: Beer’s Taste Alone Gets People A Little High

You don’t say?

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A Brief History of Beer!

So the day has finally come! One of our big projects this semester was creating our own short films and I decided to make a stop-motion film about the history of beer! I used a small chalkboard in my kitchen and a Canon Rebel to shoot it all. It’s a little clunky but I’m really proud of it as far as first efforts go, especially when it comes to my eerily accurate drawing of a¬†pharaoh. I hope you all enjoy it and learn a thing or two!

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Review, Part III: Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Homebrewing Kit

We’ve finally arrived at the final segment of my review of Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Chocolate Maple Porter homebrewing kit. What a journey it’s been from complete beer novice to amateur amateur amateur homebrewer!

Jackie Brown: My Chocolate Maple Porter

As you can see, the beer turned out beautifully in terms of appearance. It was a dark, rich and coffee-like in color with a gorgeous and persistant carmel head. At first sip, it revealed itself to be malty and full-bodied. The maple doesn’t come through so much in flavor and is simply a substitute for sugar but that’s okay!

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Paste Magazine: The Brewer’s Association’s Top 50 Craft Breweries of 2012

Paste does it again, publishing the Brewer’s Association’s list of the Top 50 craft breweries in the U.S. Some of my favorites are featured including Abita and Southern Tier. Sad to see that my home brewery, Terrapin, didn’t make the list. Oh well, there’s always next year!

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A Guide to Manhattan’s Brewpubs

brewpub (n.) – a restaurant where beer is brewed on the premises

What an amazing concept though rarely seen in this beautiful city. Brewpubs are great: you get great food alongside the freshest beer you could wish for. So why aren’t there more of them? Legally speaking, it’s very difficult to open a brewery within a restaurant because then a whole new set of laws are in play. On top of that, you have to hire a brewmaster! For these reasons, there are only three brewpubs in New York City but rather than wallow in the sorry state of things, I’ll celebrate what we do have. Here’s your guide to NYC’s brewpubs:

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Tried and True: Schmaltz Brewing Company’s Mermaid Pilsner

I’ve been unusually quiet lately and it’s because I’ve been obsessing over these profiles stories I’m writing! Strangely enough, both profiles (about a chef and a beer enthusiast) have introduced me to a lot of beer on both fronts but it was visiting Roberta’s (the hub of the chef I profiled) that led to me to cross paths with Schmaltz’s Mermaid Pilsner, a fantastic local beer.



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Paste Magazine: Nine Beers With Unexpected Ingredients

In the past 6 months or so, Paste has paid a great amount of attention to beer and it’s been fantastic. They recently had a March Madness-type contest with IPAs and today they posted this great article about unusual beers. They’re based in my home state of Georgia and make me so proud!

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