8 Ways To Repurpose A Beer Bottle

In their own weird way beer bottles are beautiful objects. The tempered, chocolate-colored glass and its delicious contents are enough to put a smile on most people’s faces. Remember the rooftop scene from Shawshank Redemption?

The beer bottle is also a very versatile object and long after it’s emptied you can continue to derive some pleasure from it. Here’s a list of 8 things you can do with your beer bottle after that last drop.

1. Hanging vases: First things first. Wash out your beer bottle with warm water. We all know how disgusting stale beer smells. Go to your local craft store or home improvement store and buy twine. Use hemp rope to give it a more rustic look. Tie the twine tightly around the lip of the bottle and hang it inside or outside. A sunny window would be best. You can put real or fake flowers in the bottle as well.


Source: Rock My Wedding

2. Make a drinking glass: This project is a little more difficult. You need to separate the body of the bottle from the top (the lip of the bottle to the shoulder). I’ve found two methods: (1) you can buy a bottle cutting kit or (2) you can use this semi-sketchy but effective guide from Men’s Health, which involves lighter fluid. There are variations where you can attach the top to the bottom of the body and make a wine glass. Whatever your choice, you’ll end up with a cheap and unique glass.


3. Party lights: The fact that beer bottles are made of glass makes them wonderful for refracting light. Here’s a great video by a guy who may or may not be from Texas on how to make party lights out of beer bottles. There’s lots of room for personalization: use clear lights, take off the labels, attach them to a piece of wood, install them through a hole in the bottle, etc. There are a cavalcade of variations on this project.

4. Salt and pepper shakers: Corona is  more or less the inventor of this technique because they seem to be the only company that makes the shaker tops but you can still choose which bottle brand you’d like to use. You can buy caps that will turn your beer bottle into a salt or pepper shaker here. Simple enough, right?


5. Yarn bottles: This is more decorative than anything. They won’t  refract light but they’re very cute. Simply buy yarn in any color of your choice. Use hot glue to attach the yarn at the bottom of the body. Start wrapping the bottle and glue along the way as needed. When you reach the lip, hot glue the end.


Source: A Simple Kind of Life 

6. Pantry storage: Imagine how long a beer bottle, with its dark glassed design, keeps its contents fresh. Well, once you’re done drinking said contents, you have a way of storing pantry goods like rice, beans and pasta. Chances are the bottle cap didn’t come off clean but you can buy a lot of new bottle caps for cheap online. Fill a clean bottle with whatever you want, relabel it and you’ve got pantry storage on a budget.

7. Plant pots: This is easily the most beautiful way to repurpose a beer bottle because it combines decoration and gardening. Remember those beer glasses we potentially made? Well don’t throw away those tops just yet! Take your newly liberated beer bottle top and place it upside down in a glass. The lip shouldn’t touch the bottom of the glass but rather fit snugly into the opening of the glass and be suspended above the bottom of the glass. Fill your glass about 2/3 of the way with water and place the top in the glass with the lip pointed towards the bottom of the glass. Fill the beer bottle top with soil and plant small flowers or herbs. Place in a sunny window, water regularly.


8. Bottle your own beer: Finally, the best way to repurpose a beer bottle is to refill it with your own beer. A simple Google search will lead you to dozens of home brewing kits. However, you must provide your own bottles. By saving up enough bottles and using those new bottle caps you bought online, you can have your own personal collection of beer ready to go. I’ll be trying my hand at home-brewing in the coming months so I better start saving up now!


Source: Brooklyn Brew Shop


About Nikita Richardson

My name is Nikita Richardson. I'm a recent graduate of NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute where I earned a Master's degree in Magazine Writing. I got my start as a music blogger (musicforthemusicallychallenged.com) and as part of a semester-long assignment, I've became a beer blogger. These days I'm working as an editorial fellow at The L Magazine and Brooklyn Magazine where I continue to write about music and beer among other things. You can check out my portfolio at my professional blog: nikitalrichardson.com
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