Welcome to Ferment for Each Other (a working title). This site is committed to beer-related postings both in general and in how beer relates to New York City.

My name is Nikita Richardson and I am a graduate student at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute where I study magazine writing. My first passion is music blogging and for two years I have run Music for the Musically Challenged. Writing for my music blog encouraged me to pursue journalism and you can read the pieces I’ve written for graduate school at my professional website: www. nikitalrichardson.com.

More generally, I’ve grown to become a fan of beer and the fantastic culture that surrounds it and I know that writing this blog is going to be as much of a treat for me as it will for you!

Check back soon for more awesome news about the fantastic world of beer!


About Nikita Richardson

My name is Nikita Richardson. I'm a recent graduate of NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute where I earned a Master's degree in Magazine Writing. I got my start as a music blogger (musicforthemusicallychallenged.com) and as part of a semester-long assignment, I've became a beer blogger. These days I'm working as an editorial fellow at The L Magazine and Brooklyn Magazine where I continue to write about music and beer among other things. You can check out my portfolio at my professional blog: nikitalrichardson.com
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