Tried and True: Yuengling’s Black & Tan

Welcome to Tried and True: a weekly segment featuring a different beer that I’m trying for the first time.


This week I tried another beer from one of my favorite brands. I love Yuengling so much that one of the first things I did when I moved to NYC was find somewhere where I could get it on tap and somewhere where I could grab a six pack. I started drinking it when I turned 21 and began hitting Athen’s active bar scene. Every Thursday we went to Cutter’s where they had Dollar Yuengling Night. It was a raucous affair and by ten o’clock the floor would be covered in broken glass and spilled beer but you couldn’t beat the prices. Recently, I was hanging out with friends and the hostess remembered she had Yuengling’s Black & Tan. She asked if I wanted to try it and like a good beer blogger, I said “Yes!”

Yuengling Black & Tan is a porter, which makes it a darker beer but it still maintains the light taste that I’ve come to appreciate from the brewery’s traditional lager. It has the color of black coffee though in a certain light the beer reveals itself to be dark brown. According to the website, Black & Tan has hints of coffee it’s not exceedingly apparent. Whatever coffee taste there may be is completely balanced by hints of caramel making this a dark beer for those who love lighter beers like ales and lagers.

The Verdict: This may very well be my new favorite Yuengling beer! I’d found myself…dare I say it?…tiring of their lager because it’s been my go-to drink for a while but now I feel like I’m getting something different but still high quality (for cheap beer). If you’re trying to move towards liking dark beers or convince a friend to try them then Black & Tan is a great way to start. It’s like the tricycle of dark beers. Enjoy!

The Facts:

  • Alc/Vol: 4.7%
  • Style: Porter
  • Bottle: 6-packs/cases
  • Available on draft: Yes

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My name is Nikita Richardson. I'm a recent graduate of NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute where I earned a Master's degree in Magazine Writing. I got my start as a music blogger ( and as part of a semester-long assignment, I've became a beer blogger. These days I'm working as an editorial fellow at The L Magazine and Brooklyn Magazine where I continue to write about music and beer among other things. You can check out my portfolio at my professional blog:
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