Tried and True: Anchor Brewing’s Anchor Porter

Welcome to Tried and True: a weekly Welcome to Tried and True: a weekly segment featuring a different beer that I’m trying for the first time.

As imbibed at Pine Rock Box in N. Bushwick.

As imbibed at Pine Rock Box in N. Bushwick.

I was really worried this week that I wouldn’t try a new beer, which is insane because I was in a bar on Friday when I interviewed Zach Mack. However, I opted to have more of the Vanilla Doubledog I featured last week. My bad. Then last night some friends and I decided to go to Roberta’s for dinner and during our two hour long wait we moseyed over to Pine Box Rock Shop for some beers. I wasn’t hard pressed to decide because just last week, Austin Walker (my craft beer specialist friend) had recommended Anchor Porter, a San Franciscan brew. It was right there. Only $4. And ’tis the season for porters.

Lately, I’ve surrounded myself with sweet, comfort food-type porters. You know the like, all full of carmel, chocolate and sweetness. In fact, my homebrew is a chocolate maple porter. So, Anchor Porter wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s much drier and slightly hoppier than the sweeter varieties of porters and that’s perfectly fine. It’s not a terribly aromatic beer, either. Also, perfectly fine. In fact, I realized that this was the classic taste of a porter. I didn’t mentioned it in my Name That Beer piece but porters were so called because they were popular among porters in London. At the end of the day they loved a good beer and found porters to be filling but not too heavy. You still have to make it home, right?

The Verdict: If you love the more saccharine varieties of porters, then Anchor Porter won’t be up your alley but if you’re tired of all the milk sugar and caramel that appears in many a winter porter then you’ll love Anchor. What matters is that it’s a classic: they’ve been distributing Anchor Porter since 1974 and it’s a highly-rated beer. It’s a year-round type of beer (even though it’s best after a cold day). You can find it at your neighborhood bar or grocery store. Enjoy!

The Facts:

  • Alc/Vol: 5.6%
  • Style: Porter
  • Bottle: 12 oz. bottle
  • Available on draft: Yes

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