Review, Part III: Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Homebrewing Kit

We’ve finally arrived at the final segment of my review of Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Chocolate Maple Porter homebrewing kit. What a journey it’s been from complete beer novice to amateur amateur amateur homebrewer!

Jackie Brown: My Chocolate Maple Porter

As you can see, the beer turned out beautifully in terms of appearance. It was a dark, rich and coffee-like in color with a gorgeous and persistant carmel head. At first sip, it revealed itself to be malty and full-bodied. The maple doesn’t come through so much in flavor and is simply a substitute for sugar but that’s okay!

Strangely enough, it wasn’t until I was about halfway through my first glass and later when I was serving the beer to my class that I realized that the porter almost reeked of alcohol. I don’t know if I did something wrong or my yeast got a little too wild but you could almost smell the booze. That eventually came across in the taste (not that it stopped anyone from drinking it!)

Another problem was with sediment. I thought I’d strained the wort pretty well and when my sister and I were bottling, we made sure to avoid the bottom of the fermenter. Even so, we ended up with sediment at the bottom of almost every bottle and when I shared it with my classmates I had to warn them!

Luckily, they didn’t mind! (Our professor actually bought us pizza to eat alongside my homebrew. Graduate school rocks!) They all said they liked it and that the taste was on par.

My friend, Robert, put it perfectly, mentioning that it was surprisingly good for a beer I made in my kitchen. I agree!

At the end of the day, I give the third and final part of the Brooklyn Brew Shop’s homebrewing kit a B+ for a cumulative score of  B+.

The Bottom Line: Would I do it all again? With the same kit? Absolutely.


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