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Welcome to Ferment for Each Other. This website is a beer blog founded in January 2013 as a “beat” for my Writing and Reporting II class. I am a recent graduate of NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute where my concentration was in Magazine Writing. I’m currently an editorial fellow at The L Magazine/Brooklyn Magazine, which are publications of Northside Media Group.

I was inspired to pursue journalism after creating my blog, Music for the Musically Challenged in February 2011 when a self-described “musically challenged” friend asked me to help him diversify his melodic tastes. While music journalism is my first passion, I am now gaining interest in general interest and trend journalism and would love to one day write and edit for the likes of New York Magazine or The New York Times Magazine.

Ferment for Each Other was created to convert those who claim to hate beer, teach the basics of beer and brewing and feature fascinating stories on beer culture in New York City.

While I’m no longer working on this blog, I still write about beer pretty regularly. You can check out my work at my official website.




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  1. Hello Nikita,

    I wanted to reach out to you about an exciting project that I am currently involved with called Thousands Win-a rooftop Hops farm and brewery located in Brooklyn, NY. We have been growing Hops for over 2 years and are preparing to launch a crowd funding campaign with indiegogo.com. As well we have some great events coming up during Beer Week NYC.
    Please check out our website http://www.thousandswin.com which includes details and a video about the company. I have included our press release for your consideration.


    julian hensarling
    Brooklyn, NY


    NEW YORK CITY – We all want to make the city a better place to live, why not have a pint while doing it? Thousands Win, a Brooklyn startup, combines two visions into one sustainable business: to create green spaces and to brew a truly local NYC beer. Founders Caleb Freese and Julian Hensarling have developed a super-lightweight green roof system to grow hops, a key ingredient in beer, on Brooklyn rooftops. They are launching their fundraising campaign to be NYC’s very first farm brewery on the 17thth of February through Indiegogo, a popular crowd-funding site.

    New York City is host to approximately 20,000 acres, or the equivalent of 26 Central Park’s worth, of unused rooftop space. Freese and Hensarling saw an opportunity in the space-deprived city. Urban rooftop farming answers common city issues such as improving air quality, reducing storm water runoff and passively reducing building temperatures. Rooftop farms create wildlife habitats, opportunities for education on environmental issues and increase public access to green space.

    Most rooftops are of old construction and cannot support the weight of traditional green roofs. For the past two years, Freese and Hensarling have been growing and developing new farming systems for hops. “We’ve designed a rooftop farm without putting soil on the roof or the need for watering” says Freese. By using rainwater collection systems and growing suspending vines, their roofs are ⅓ the weight of a traditional rooftop farm. “You get all the benefits of a green roof…in addition you’re going to get a product out of the green roof” says Artie Rollins, the green roof specialist at NYC Parks Department.

    Thousands Win aims to take advantage of New York’s new Farm Brewery law passed by Governor Cuomo in 2013 to build incentive for local agriculture and local NY state products. While fifteen farms upstate have already opened taprooms, Thousands Win will be the first to bring hop farming to NYC. New York was once the largest grower of hops and Brooklyn was its brewery capitol. The mission of Thousands Win is to bring this heritage crop back to our urban environment and to celebrate Brooklyn’s brewing history.

    Thousands Win has been gaining support from the community and building relationships with many other local farming advocates including Hecho Inc, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Bierkraft, and The New York City Parks Department. “The outcome of our efforts is a product that benefits the entire city- hence the name, Thousands Win,” says Freese.

    Thousands Win wants to make contributing to communities in New York City fun and easy – anyone who invests in Thousands Win, or simply enjoys drinking a 1K beer, will be supporting the environment and urban agriculture. Beer, of course, will be among the rewards that contributors can receive for their contribution on Indiegogo.

    To learn more about Thousands Win, visit their website at http://www.ThousandsWin.com or their Indiegogo page at indiegogo.com/at/1kbeer

    1k was founded upon a shared love for community, honoring traditions, perfecting a craft and above all improving the environment. By growing hop farms on Brooklyn rooftops, Caleb Freese and Julian Hensarling bring a truly locally sourced NYC beer that thousands can celebrate.

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